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Player Handout: Kamdan of the Hillfolk


As a Dotheran youth, you were one of the rowdiest and larger bullies of all. At the age of 31 you and your younger brother, Zindan, who was also known to be a trouble maker, left home in search of adventure and the more interesting lands of the humans. Hoping for challenge and glory you journeyed to the Fortress of Stone (also known as Stone- Heart) but then thinking that word may travel to your parents of your whereabouts you journeyed further to Caer Scaron.
    The lands were bloody and your brother and you were lucky to make it that far if it wasn't for a troop of human soldiers who rescued you and he from a orcish patrol. The troop, which suffered hard against the patrol, fled to the shelter of Caer Scaron. Not long after, the place was attacked and Caer Scaron fell. Assisted by a young woman from there who had a young boy by the name of Timonas, you safely fled the place and journeyed to Landgate.
    Now, experienced years later, your brother and you have reached Journey Gate, wishing to see The Forest, something few Hillfolk can claim to have ever done.


Between you and Zindan you are definitely the burlier and better fighter. You have a fondness for a heavy hammer which you took from Caer Scaron the night it fell. Since then you have become quite skilled its use. Your muscles are well defined and since leaving home your skin has become a hearty ruddy brown. You are about 50 winters old now, still young by Hillfolk reckoning.


After the horrors you have seen there is little that can shake your confidence in you or your comrades, and you might say you have gained a few bad habits since leaving home as well... you decide.


You think of yourself as a prow warrior, knowing of the dangers of the world, and just as likely to spit at them as crush them with your hammer. Since leaving home you've learned much about combat, but you also retain the skills of your family with regard to gem and stone craft, with which your folk are known to have almost mystical abilities with. Perhaps someday you'll learn the secrets of that craft.


One tremendously large hammer. Standard traveling gear as well as some climbing equipment.
A set of stone-mail which you stole from home before leaving.
14 silver, 30 copper, 8 half-copper.
Two daggers. Some stone masons tools.
A blanket
A backpack
A lamp, 1 oil flask
50' silk rope
Enough food
Small knife (1d2 dmg)
Clothes (of your design)
If you want something else, ok it with me.