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Player Handout: Timonas the Brave


A Ranger from the Disappearing Lands, you are born from a waring land which constantly is at struggle against the dark legions of the dustmen and their orcish minions. Your family, whose generations go back long in that area was mostly slain by dustmen's orcish troops, except for you and your mother, who took you south and finished raising you in the city of Journey Gate where you met The Forest for the first time.
    You defended the town of Journey Gate against occasional orcish incursions as well as from the wilds of the land.
    Having a love for the Forest you traveled into it often and there met Thalas, one of the mystical spirit-men who haunt the depths of the Forest.
    Thalas is a wanderer like you, who wishes to see parts of the world outside of the Forest, and so the two of you get along very well.


You are a strong man, well made for the rigors of the wilderness, hearty and hale from many difficult winters, tan from many a summer. You are also quite skilled at the sword and axe. Two companions which were once used by your father in battle against the Dustmen.
    Your skill in your weapons and your stout health have allowed you to enter battle, and survive wounds which would kill most men, which is good for aside from creeping through the forest and your skill at the weapons you have grown with, your nimbleness does not even come close to many of the warriors who move gracefully into battle, yet die from the sharp blades of the orcs.


You have an extreme hatred for the orcish kind as well as for the Dustmen, though you have never seen one of the Dustmen.
    You are a helpful person though more then willing to help those who need help beyond their skill. You wish to see new lands, untouched by the withering reach of the Dustmen's armies, yet you also feel compelled to strike out violently against those who threaten the peace of mankind.
    You are about 25 winters old.
    You find puzzles frustrating and would rather talk about history and legends, learn things about people.


You are a Ranger of moderate skill better then many yet still learning.
    You can track, hide in shadows, move silently through brush, know much about animals, know much about travel and survival in the lands.
    You are able at the sword, bow, and axe.


Standard traveling gear.
Some herbs and clean bandage clothing.
A set of Bullette Leather Armor.
A hand-axe, a longsword.
A pet kitten.
2 gold coins, 8 silver, 20 copper, 7 half coppers.
A blanket
A backpack
A lamp, 1 oil flask
50' silk rope
Enough food
Small knife (1d2 dmg)
Clothes (of your design)
If you want something else, ok it with me.