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Player Handout: Zindan of the Hillfolk


In your youth, while your brother Kamdan was out bullying around the other kids, you spent most of your time exploring and looking for cool stuff... funny though, most stuff that looks cool always is some other person's possession. By the time your older brother had decided to leave home for more interesting places, you were starting to think that there were fewer and fewer interesting things laying around in the neighbors houses that you hadn't looked at yet, so you decided to travel with him.
    Into the Human lands you went, northward where the excitement of the war against the Dustmen and orcs was everywhere. Barely escaping disaster at the hands of an orcish patrol your brother and you fled to Caer Scaron. only a few years later, the fortress fell to the Dustmen and you and he fled south with the help of a woman and her young son Timonas. Splitting up, you and your brother went to Landgate where you spent a number of years exploring humans homes while they were away, and sometimes even when they were home while they slept.
    Now your brother wants to travel once again and you and he have just arrived in Journey Gate, where he wants to see the Forest, which is all well and good since the humans of Journey Gate probably have just as interesting things to look at as those of Landgate.


Your brother may be a burly Hillsman, but you on the other hand have purposefully avoided gaining bulk... finding it cumbersome when slipping into houses and awkward when trying to outrun some irate homeowner.
    On the other hand, you have a talent for using your hands and are not only skilled at acute movement, but you can also play several instruments (your choice). Unfortunately after the attack on Caer Scaron you contracted some eye disease which makes bright light quite painful, not that you mind too much since the dark does have its advantages.


Distracted, a trickster, though not selfish. Play him as you think he should be. Unlike your brother you have no hatred of anything and would rather get along with people. Be witty.


Typical thieves skills. Especially Move Silently, Hide in Shadows, Detect Noise, Read Languages, and Pick Locks. Choose two instruments.


One instrument
A short sword and seemingly limitless supply of daggers.
3 gold, 8 silver, 32 copper, 8 half-copper.
Some light leather armor.
A blanket
A backpack
A lamp, 1 oil flask
50' silk rope
Enough food
Small knife (1d2 dmg)
Clothes (of your design)
If you want something else, ok it with me.