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Letter from Tadhg von Atrigbrauer to His Kinsmen

During the invasion of the orcish hordes throughout the lower Crescent Mountain valleys, Tadhg and his companions provided dearly needed help to stall the tide of war. This letter was written by Tadhg, calling upon his kinsmen to help salvage the region from orcish dominion.


My Kin and Clansmen;
    Upon late the orcish clans have invaded lands to the south of the mountains. Their influence in the region grows without bounds. Soon they will crontrol all of the lower valley if not stopped.
    No one here has the strength to stop them. I have taken an army to at least keep them at bay, but this has proved insufficient. If there is any will left in the dwarven legions to fight orcs, now is the time. Land is for the taking and there are hordes to destroy. Let your heart move you, for if you come down here, your will shall be your own.
    Tadhg von Artigbrauer