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Oracle Answer for Tellzan

"How do I and my companions return to our own time?"

And thus spoke the Oracle:
    "The ways between this place and others is thinnest in places unchanged by the passing of years. Magical rituals of travel just within your grasp can send back that which belongs in your time in certain places most ancient: crypts beneath the Isle of Necromancy, at the Lake of Still Waters, and at the Towers Draconian of Adazar Al (add ah zarr all).
    "Yet you do not possess such power now, as you may one day. In present power there is but one way to travel: Sail to the lands most southern in this world, and travel till the sun never ceases to touch the northern horizon, above the ancient Halls of Za, enter into the City of Ancients. Speak the Chimes of Sanctuary: bestati (bess taa tii) , aravat (are ah vat), sthepesi (sítheh pess see). That which belongs in your time shall then be returned as you depart from the nexus of the ancients."