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Oracle Answer for Sasha

"How may the Baranan be freed of their curse and regain their Air; and not lose it again?"

And thus spoke the Oracle:
    "The shadows of the Baranar (barr ah narr) are held in the great weather engines of the Vaati (vay ah tee) Lords. Travel there to the floating citadels of Seeta (see tah), Vishsati (vish saa tee), and Behispate (beh hiss spaa tay) which follow over the mountain ranges of the world, destroy each of the four weather engines, taking from them the spirit of air which they entrap. Bring these to the Baranan called Barakah Dhaar (barr ah kah, daar), who will reunite them with future generations of his race.
    "There are no means to prevent such theft from occurring again, but should you craft another means to empower the weather engines of the Vaati, they will no longer endanger what you have set aright."