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Spiritual Gift: Annos

The gift of Annos first descended to mortals from the elfin line, in earliest of ages when the elves were much closer to the fey. Like other spiritual gifts, Annos acts as clothing for the soul and it can only be imparted as a gift in return for a favor, not as part of a bargain or under coercion.
DC 15 A momentary insight as to objects use or vague details of an important event it was used in. "This sword was once used to coronate an important king."
    DC 20 A brief vision of the item during an important event that focused upon it. "You see in your minds eye a wealthy noble laying in a pool of blood, this sword lain across his body."
    DC 25 Witness and emotional ties of the sword from a historical event. "You feel a powerful sense of anger and then abrupt betrayal, and an intense pain in your chest as you realize that your son has plunged your own sword into your chest, as you fall to the ground you feel its weight fall upon your dying body."
    DC 30 As 25, but you also learn the names of those involved and gain further insight into the event as though you had actually been a participant in the event. A Will save DC 15 is necessary, failure causing you to suffer from confusion, as the spell, for 3 rounds.
    DC35+ Multiple experiences surrounding the item are revealed in brief to great detail. This takes a minute or longer to experience and a Will save of DC20 plus 1 per point of success greater than 35 is necessary. Failure indicates that you have slipped into a coma for d10 days and continue to mentally experience the visions of the item, though you may be prematurely revived by a heal spell or similar magic. You also suffer d6 points of Wisdom damage. Even in success you are stunned for 2d6 rounds.

    The sensation of possessing this gift has been described as an expansion of inner and outer awareness, a euphoric rush and tingling of the flesh, a lasting and heightened sense of clarity and purpose, and a deeply satisfying knowledge of spiritual interconnection with the rest of the multiverse.
    The gift of Annos bestows low-light vision of a quality twice that of a human sense of sight; for non-humans who possess low-light vision, theirs is again expanded by a similar factor. At close range, the gift of Annos enables sight through natural and magical darkness to a range of five feet. Within this range the gifted can see in full color as though they were not in darkness at all. The expanded senses of the gifted are also represented by a +5 insight bonus to Spot, Listen, Search, and Sense Motive checks. Gifted often become aware of spiritual beings in close proximity, such as travelers in the nearby border Ethereal Realm, when they pass within five feet of such beings.
    Gifted who possess Annos also occasionally experience visions that transcend the normal five senses. These are typically odd premonitions and flashes of empathy. Some gifted can use this power to divine important moments in an object or persons history. This can be done with a successful Wisdom check, though sometimes it occurs spontaneously when the gifted comes into contact with a particularly potent item, such as an important religious artifact.
    As with other spiritual gifts, one gifted with Annos can sense its presence in other gifted beings who possess the same.