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Diary Entries of Teoman

Il 15, 845
"I had a wonderful conversation with Kulfan today. His expeditions into the swamps always make such great and entertaining tales and the food that Amenti serves makes me yearn for the cooking of my family in the west. He told me of many fantastical things that he had discovered while exploring ancient Ivorian ruins within the Dhaal Swamps, such as an alien species of intelligent lampreys that could bind themselves together in a peculiar way that allowed them to manipulate tools. These creatures, telepaths of certain skill, surrounded themselves with slaves and mystically project their whims from the lizardfolkís mouths when the need arose to verbally communicate their wishes. How exciting to discover a new emerging race of intelligence. The lizardfolk call them, Tsochar. He said he had spent a week searching through university records, but no record of these creatures was to be found. Plans are already being made for a second expedition."

Ni. 23, 848
"I had wondered if something was wrong with Kulfan, but now I think there is more to it. He returned to Hana in 47 without announcement and since his return, months have gone by and still I had not heard from him. I wondered as to his health and so today I went to him. His property was as I had always seen it, but his servants were far fewer and performed their tasks night and day as automatons. I found him in his library, he seemed more muscular than when he had left on this most recent expedition to the swamps, strangely dressed in the flowing robe of magical eyes which Amenti usually wears. I asked after his servants and wife, to which he replied that servants were unreliable and coldly remarked that Amentiís knowledge had been put to good use. Then he turned his gaze to me and I could see that he did not recognize me. He asked what arcane knowledge I was hiding from him. Something other than his arms shifted beneath the magicianís robes and I felt dread as I looked upon him. Such unease I felt that I fled away, hearing his bemused chortle follow me as I ran from the estate. Something has changed in Kulfan, he is clearly not well. I wonder at what he found there, in the swamps."

Mo. 6, 849
"While shopping for reagents with Bislem today she reminded me of Kulfan. I have not thought of him for more than a year, but this news of him selling away the family estate cannot be to pay of family debts, not when I hear that deliveries from far away lands arrive at the estate monthly. Iíve avoided walking by the place for so long since each time I am struck with questions of Amentiís fate. She said that priests frequent his house monthly. I donít wish to think about it."

Mo. 12, 849
"I walked by Kulfanís estate today, it was unintentional, but perhaps I was drawn by thoughts from last week of what Bislem told me. I ran into a priest of Kand I mentioned that I was friend to Kulfan, but perhaps he discerned the lie, for he said he was paid to well to speak on the private affairs of Kulfanís health."

Il 12, 849
"I tried to warn Bislem from going there, but she would not listen. Her confidence in Enchantment is well deserved, she had always excelled with such magic, but that thing . . . every week new texts of magic are said to arrive at the estate of Kulfan, his appetite for obscure and eldrich lore seem insatiable. I have visited the auctions and seen the ancient prizes of his family sold off to fund the research of that thing which controls him. I cannot stay here and write this, I must stop her."
    "Horror . . . .she is a new vessel. I saw it . . . it spoke to her it said you are a fitting VESSEL and it CLIMBED FROM KULFANS MOUTH, from everywhere it came out of him and she sat paralyzed . . . the wine? It did that . . . she . . . it is too horrible, her body . . . some sound downstairs. It is them, its minions come for me . . . for my body and my lore. My . . . there is no time to prepare magic. Damned be that late merchant! There are no gods! Damned be kulfan! I must hide. Bislem if any of you remains and you find this, I loved you."