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Last Words of Rune Vati

I have come so far, but here I now await the embrace of Arden. The minions of Erin are many. I had to put my own sword into the belly of Sevrudra when his mortal shell was risen by the fell powers here, I hope I find her forgiveness in the next life. Prthavi disappeared while scouting our escape and Vayu was slain by Erinís consort, only I remain. I have climbed this far up from the oubliette, but with my leg broken from the fall and the wraiths, I cannot go further. Soon I shall be too tired to turn them away, but before that comes I shall consume the potion Vayu prepared for this dire occasion and my spirit will be gone before they can steal me to their cause. May Arden forgive this blasphemous act as well.
    You, traveler, return my ring to the Temple of Arden and peace be upon you. If you seek the Fotis Mantle, I gave it to Vayu, who was cruelly slain by the rotting, snake-infested mistress of Erin, turned to stone. I leave you these warnings so that you might triumph, but alas the most important thing I cannot tell you for I do not know where Erin hides his eye, his phylactery. Though you may slay him, do not tarry long for it is a disappointingly brief time before he appears anew. If you would destroy Erin, first destroy his silver eye.
    My ink runs dry, the last of my reserves have been expended. There is so much more I would say, but my time is short, soon the poison will have run its course. Erin rules over his hoards from his throne, above here, through a hall of green stone, beware the traps and look not upon the glowing gem at the cross bridge. The hidden stair is behind