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Journal Entries of Amineri Brookhollow

Well, my gamble has finally paid off. Today a group of adventurers came up to investigate the mysterious storms. I told them what they needed to do, but they sure dilly-dallied about getting it done. But finally they activated the horn, and the elemental retreated home. Luckily for me, they have agreed to let me travel along with them.
    What luck! This group had been sent out by the Duke of Hawkydin, and are due a reward. And I'm able to get into this action, and get a bit of reward. I didn't even have to do much for it. I'll have to stick with this guys. They seem to have good luck.
    Today we got word that the Duke has been killed. Very mysterious. The Church of Daer-Koch has sent the leader of our group, a priest by the name of Daimos, to investigate. We're going to go with him and help.
    This town is crazy. It's hard to tell who we should be trusting. Not getting very far.

Today the priest Demos got killed by a gigantic crab. I'm not sure what we're going to do now. Some strange elven wizard and a rustic looking dwarf were picked up by Demos before he died. Ayoi has been very distant. Not sure what's been going on.
    We're pretty sure that a fellow named Oscar is in involved with the plotters that killed the Duke. There seems to be some sort of assassin's guild in town.
    I've been talking with Oscar. Used a bit of my "charm" on him. He he. He's agreed to abandon his old fellows, and give us information in exchange for a way out of his current situation.

Today a goth-looking priestess showed up, and seems to have joined us, somehow. She is really creepy and seems into undead things. No fashion sense, either.
    While talking to Oscar, Wiley noticed that someone was spying upon us. I rounded up everyone, and we went on a little "raid" to capture this mage, and ascertain her role. What a disaster. At least nothing too bad came out of it.
    Following one of Oscar's leads, we captured another one of the members. This priestess, named Sasha got really into torturing him-- more than I like, but she did get results.
    The precious capture agreed to turn over his superior in this assassin's guild. He was clearly going to ambush us, but we avoided it. I picked up what items I could, and headed back into town. Don't really want to see Sasha torture this guy.

What a night last night was. The elven wizard Kalendor and the dwarven barbarian Al-Rathis were captured by the priests of Chishleen and turned over to the castle. Looks bad for them up there. Spent the morning looking for the others, but no luck. Saw Al-Rothis running free from the castle, so I tried to help him by turning him invisible. Didn't seem to work well, because later I saw him jumping off the castle wall. Quite a drop. Later still I saw him being led back into the castle again by the priest of Chishleen. This group doesn't seem to be so lucky after all. Time to cut our losses and get out. Too bad I can't find anyone else to get out with. Just Oscar and I are going to get out and go to Hawkydin and see if we can get any of the reward, then go far, far away.
    Seems that everyone else had the same idea. They caught up with us on the road back to Hawkydin. Turns out the ringleader of the assassin guild seems to be a priest of Daer Koch. Totally messed up situation.
    The church gave us a reward for the information we got at least.

Spent the last few days making some slippers of spider climbing for Oscar and myself.
    Some of the others have heard of a rumor of a sphinx being killed in the hills to the north. Sounds like it had a good treasure horde. If we act quick we might have a shot at it.

Today we came across the ghost of the sphinx. He asked us a riddle:

What is half of dragon, but has not half the wyrmlings strength?
What is half of canine, but has not half the mongrels length?
Though it is half of each, it has but half to stand on.

As I thought the answer was a kobold. Turns out it was kobolds that killed the Sphinx. Ha ha. What a loser. But he will give us his horde of treasure if we defeat the kobolds that killed him.

We found the sphinx's lair today. Captured a kobold and questionned it. He led us to their main camp. We hit the kobold's main camp. Blasted 'em. Turns out the main kobold sorceror leader wasn't there. His name is Opal. He went on to the human town of Myre a bit more to the north. Had a bit of a funny spell today.