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Agossani of Shoi-Astrasa

True Neutral Male Silothreni
Level 17 Sorcerer

Str 7   Dex 10   Con 13   Int 16   Wis 13   Cha 24   Hit Points: 78

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

Taken from the womb of his slain mother, a powerful sorceress killed while making a surface raid on a small village and raised by half-elfin parents. By coincidence, both of his parents had the gift, so when it manifested in the strange child they were only surprised by its strength. Their child was keen of mind, intelligent beyond his years and well liked by the other children of the village, but he was feared by the pure bloods of the village. His adopted parents had always lived at the edge of civilization and, unasked, had cared for the village in times of trouble and so had been tolerated. With this new child of strange skin and wild power under their roof though, the village made it clear that they were no longer wanted in the area.
    Moving ever deeper into the wilds and seclusion freed the boy to wander the woods and his youthful days were filled with solitude. He was not forgotten by the Silothreni. By leaving the village they left little trail for the Silothreni hunters to track them down. The magical wards placed over their home also protected them from scrying eyes. An amulet crafted for Agossani helped his mentors keep track of where he was, but also helped to keep him from harm. For years it was like this, he would wander the forest in the mornings and in the evening his parents would teach him the how to use his gift.
    All of this changed when one day, while in the woods he decided to take a swim in a lake that was much further than he was suppose to travel. He removed his garments, but wore the amulet, and dove into the water. Most creatures of the forest treated him well, brought him gifts, avoided him, or followed him about. Had his life not have changed then perhaps he would have become a powerful druid, but that was not to be.
    While swimming in the waters he noticed on the far shore an ancient tower that he had not seen before. Swimming closer to it he could see that it was ruined and that its lower half was flooded by the risen waters of the lake. Closer yet he could see that strange glows shimmered from its base beneath the water, when suddenly he was pulled beneath the surface by an unseen creature. Had it not been for his early training he would probably have been slain, but his meager skill bought him enough time that a nixie that protected the lake and knew of its dangers. Pulling him from the clutches of the water elemental it took him to the shore. It was dark by the time he recovered and he was much further in the woods than he had ever been and did not know the way back in the dark.
    The amulet was gone. His adopted parents had warned him never to remove it while out in the forest or creatures of evil might find him. He could not retrieve it from the lake and so in a panic he struck out into the darkened woods to find his way home as quickly as he could, but it was too late.
    As fate would have it, a group of Silothreni had emerged that night from the Underhalls to raid the village he had once dwelt in. Among them was a magic sensitive, one who could sense the presence of magic, even at great distance. They had brought the sensitive to avoid confrontations with surface dwelling wizards. So powerful was Agossani's talent, though he'd only received a minimal of training, that he gained the sensitive's attentions. Using magic the Silothreni scried to see who the powerful sorcerer they detected was and were surprised to find it to be one of their own kind. After raiding the village they set out, captured Agossani, and took him with them when they returned into the underworld.
    Decades he spent in the underworld, where he learned to speak as his own kind, to listen to the small voices of paranoia and dementia that had only plagued his youthful sleep, where he learned of pain, corruption, hatred, and competition. During his time there he came of age. Terrible and mighty was his power. He was feared by his instructors who sought to send him into challenges from which he would not emerge. Agossani knew what they did and despised them for it, yearning to return to the surface world and to be away from the political maneuvering and subtle cruelty that was about him.
    A power to himself, he set out from the underworld city of Shoi-Astrasa to return to the surface. Seeking his adopted parents out he came upon the ruin that was their home, long overgrown by vine and reclaimed by the forest. There he wept.
    Rising from the place he sought any who knew of what had happened. Finally he learned the truth of it. During his absence a priest of Brakah had come to the nearby village. The villagers, beset by enemies and often raided by black skinned sorcerers welcomed the priests aid and so he found followers among them. It was not long until the priest had learned of the "bastard elves" and their dark skinned devil child of magic. With his following, and a mob of angry villagers, the priest struck out and overpowered the half-elves in a terrible battle. By slaying that which the villagers feared the priest solidified his place in their village and many became commited to Brakah that night, whether alive or by the blessings on their grave from that night.
    Alone in the world, Agossani sought out enemies of Brakah to become his allies and in this way he came to know of the god Lathidus. Though not a devotee of the god, Agosanni championed their cause. His skill with magic and knowledge of the world below ground soon cemented his alliance with followings such as the Deep Watchers, a group of warriors and heroes dedicated to bringing justice to civilizations of the underground.
    Cleansing Flame: Agossani traveled into the underworld at the side of Tadhg von Artigbrauer, Therod Karynson and the sorcerer Brome. Many other skilled heroes traveled along as well to raid a Brakah worshiping civilization of Drakher elves and bolster the strength of Shistar dissidents. He was also a key member of a rescue party sent to return captured warriors of Lathidus from the underworld prisons of the Drakher.