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Angel Rockford

Chaotic Neutral Male Lerether Elf
Level 6 Rogue
Level 5 Sorcerer

Str 14   Dex 18   Con 15   Int 13   Wis 8   Cha 14   Hit Points: 55

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

A whimsical con-artist, Angel is a sometime adventuring friend of Tharamas Thodan. Angel is certainly more rogue than sorcerer, he uses his magical abilities to conjure illusions and make subtle magical suggestions while plying his trade on the streets of Tel-Akbar. He's not the sort of fellow that is particularly attached to organizations, and so he has decided to walk the very dangerous path of not being a member of Tel-Akbar's powerful thieves guild. With his magical powers and quick wit he is able to stay one step ahead of its thugs and since his grifting and con-artistry are fairly minor infringements the guild hasn't sent anyone more skilled after him.
    Angel is fairly tall for an elf, standing nearly five feet and nine inches. He likes to say it's because his legs have grown so long from all the traveling he's had to do. He has certainly been around, being nearly 370 years old (AC12884), but his age isn't why his hair is white-blonde; it has simply always been that way.
    Angel secretly adores Niatara, but knows that his advances will never bear fruit. He is simply not a man of enough means, wealth, and status for her to give serious consideration to.