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Baron Tharamas Thodan

Chaotic Good Male Human
Level 11 Wizard
Level 5 Fighter

Str 12   Dex 16   Con 14   Int 16   Wis 15   Cha 16   Hit Points: 87

Status: Retired
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

Tharamas was born in AC12822 to the home of a wealthy merchant lord. From his childhood onward he was a thrill seeker, running away from home several times and refusing to take his proper place as the heir to his father's fortunes. So rebellious was he that when his brother, Gadian, was named heir at his fathers passing, that while saddened of his father's death he barely took note of the event of his brother taking power (AC12840).
    His brother was not the carefree and well-intentioned man that Tharamas was. He isolated his mother in the care of an Ardenite priestess convent and proceeded to travel abroad on the families coffers. Gadian returned two years later (AC12843) with strange men in his company to find the merchant house had fallen into delinquency and corruption. He put the servants to the sword, was said to have dined on the flesh of his staff, and began to heavily tax the tenants of his land. Tharamas returned to hear of his brothers arrival and the atrocities committed and, in a impassioned argument, fatally wounded his brother. His brothers consorts, evil men of magical skill, used their powers to turn the local law against Tharamas and he fled north to disappear in the crowded city of Larissa. There he was forced to pawn the few items he took from home to support himself. It was no small amount that he had earned from his families possessions and so he began to educate himself in magic. Use to a more luxurious style he soon was depleted of funds and found himself living on the streets. With parlor tricks and slight of hand he supported himself in a meager fashion, taking lessons in magic when he could afford it. Fortune smiled on him though and he came into the company of Niatara, a pretty rogue who had been living on the streets. The two became lovers for a brief period of time. It was while he was with her that he was contacted by Mervic, a wizard friend of minor talent who, in the past, had helped Tharamas with several scams. Mervic was keen on exacting revenge on the murderers of his mentor and Tharamas and Niatara had the connections with the underworld of Larissa necessary to make it happen.
    One night the three of them ambushed the murderers and in an uncharacteristic moment of madness, Mervic exacted a terrible revenge upon them. With scrolls he had purchased he tore the murderers from their bodies, imprisoning their minds in sewer rats, and forced them to watch as their bodies were brutally tortured and slain as they had done to his mentor.
    The act did not go unnoticed by the thieves guild which the men had been part of and soon Tharamas, Mervic, and Niatara were being hunted. Tharamas put together a daring plan to enter the rogue guild house and steal what they could from its safe coffers. The plan would have failed except for the unexpected fortune. While in the guild house Niatara espied a valuable urn that rested on a high shelf. Opening the urn released a powerful demon, Ahmdaz, that had rested within for several decades. Ahmdaz assisted them with breaking into the guild's coffers and then began a destructive rampage to raze the building to the ground. Alarmed, Mervic attempted to bind the demon back into the urn and failed, turning the beasts evil upon them. They fled, evading the creature, and with angry demons and guild's men pursuing them they traveled west over the Crescent mountains to Tel-Akbar.
    Tharamas purchased a vast hotel which he named the "Baron's Rest." With the monies stolen from the guild he fashioned it into a luxurious place for the rich to holiday in comfort and privacy. It was not long though before their past caught up with them. Assassins from Larissa sought them, mercenaries hired by his brothers consorts also appeared, and minor demonling servitors of Ahmdaz were increasingly encountered during the dark of night. Taking new friends along with him, Niatara, and Mervic, they set out to travel further west, hoping for greater fortunes and to elude their pursuers.
    While traveling west (AC12861), out of the United Kingdoms, he and his friends came under attack by a band of Moredhel and Moredwraiths. It would have meant doom for the group but for the arrival of another adventuring party led by Garben Gilthanus. The fight was still deadly dangerous and his halfling friend Nigel was slain.
    For years to follow, Tharamas and his friends would join forces with Garben Gilthanus' companions and adventure together, sometimes as one large group and sometimes just as parts. Eventually enough years passed that the guild forgot about him, figuring him to be dead somewhere in the far west. Eventually he returned to his homeland to find that his brother's consorts had turned the house into a den of evil and that years earlier that a band of adventurers had slain all of them and burned the property to the ground. There was no where else to return to but Tel-Akbar where his hotel had been successfully managed in his absence. Retiring there he now lives off of his fortunes and in the company of his surviving friends.
    Now, sixty three years old (AC12885), Tharamas is still a handsome man. He stands five and three-quarters feet tall and is in good shape. He is not as muscular as he use to be, but he still spends time swimming and jogging to keep in shape. His hair is brown with reddish highlights and now streaked with bits of white. His skin is dark tan and his eyes are still strikingly green. As when he was young, he still wears a bushy mustache and maintains himself in the clothing of the upper class. He prefers small gatherings and avoids noisy affairs out of his long developed habit of avoiding crowds.