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Master Bannet Saul

Neutral Evil Male Human
Level 12 Barbarian
Level 3 Rogue

Str 24   Dex 16   Con -   Int 12   Wis 9   Cha 16   Hit Points: 147

Status: Undead
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

Once a good man, traveled from the Alaysian Desert of the United Kingdoms. Bannet was the wild, dual-scimitar wielding berserker and sword master of the Assa Al'Bem (southern prince). Bannet was not a wealthy man and he longed to amass a fortune large enough to earn the hand of his love, Suni, from one of the local Emman (land lords). She was known for great beauty, but was dedicated to Bannet and patient for his success. When the southern prince claimed her to be one of his harem, a great honor, Bannet was enraged. The prince knew that she waited on Bannet. In his fury, Bannet slew nearly four hands of the prince's guard before being captured. He was thrown into prison, enslaved to work the platinum mines beneath the desert.
    While working in the mines he came to know a priest of Lathidus named Rassad, who had been imprisoned for preaching word of his gods mercy and will upon the streets of Yalrum. Rassad befriended Bannet and gave him company, healed his wounds, and taught him how to survive in the mines.
    When the Dark God's forces invaded the Emmerites, great chaos ensued. It was during this tumultuous time that Bannet rallied a revolt in the mines against the weakened guard forces (they had been thinned to guard the city against attack). Though many were killed, including Rassad, they won free of the mines, a feat unheard of, and he fled south.
    His secret letters to his love were unanswered and he began to think that after the many years of his imprisonment that she had forgotten him. Abandoned by his lover and hunted by the one who shared her bed, he vowed that he would bring revenge against the Palace of the Assa Al'Bem by supporting its enemies. His first act would be to befriend the church of Lathidus, who's priest had been the only one to befriend him and prove his loyalty as a companion. Since the Eastern Empire was too far to travel, for that was the great mecca of Lathidus worship in those times, he traveled to the vast metropolis of Tel-Akbar and met with the clergy there. To prove his willingness to honor the church he volunteered to join a dangerous mission into the earth where warriors of Lathidus planned a strike against the Drakher elves. It was the hope of the church that by assisting a rebellion against the Drakher god, Brakah, that worshipers of gods less hostile to Lathidus would rise to power. The mission was partially successful as a tremendous blow was delt to the ruling powers of the Drakher city they attacked, but Bannet Saul was captured and imprisoned.
    The heroes who escaped from the city, once its defenses were risen and repelled them would later return there to rescue Bannet and others from imprisonment. It would be too late. Tortured and subjected to powerful magic, Bannet was slain and the seed of his desire to take revenge against the Assa Al'Bem was nurtured with evil, raising him as a powerful undead warrior. Unable to find him and having heard word from the other prisoners that he had been slain, the rescue party was forced to return to the surface without him.