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True Neutral Male Human
Level 9 Fighter

Str 16   Dex 18   Con 14   Int 8   Wis 13   Cha 7   Hit Points: 78

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Chanakya learned the hard ways of life from an early age. He was bastard born in Minoc to a half-shinomen tavern wench, cast into the street, raised by gypsies, sold into a prostitution ring run by priests of Hiteh, imprisoned at age 14 for the murder of a rival, and conscripted into the military at the age of 16 to fight against invading Galiadre from Alfheim. While in the service he was taken captive by Minothrad pirates, but he turned and joined them. There he won grudging respect for the vicious bloodlust he displayed while fighting against marineers of the United Kingdoms. Shipwrecked at the edges of the Fens of Fear, Chanakya fought his way south until he reached civilization. Since then, he has paid his way through the years as as hired muscle for a wide variety of businesses, often unsavory.
    Chanakya does what he needs to survive. He doesn't go out of his way to harm other people and despite any personal misgivings he might have about a deed he is a dependable swordsman for the mission at hand. Yet he has a history of leaving employers to seek better opportunities if he feels that his employer is just using him to do cowardly dirty work. Chanakya admires men of conviction and strength, but he is bitter and believes that most people are cowards who lack the integrity to stand by their words. He distrusts priests, ever since his experiences at the hands of Hiteh priests, and thus he avoids taking jobs with religious institutions. Chanakya does not drink or take drugs, he prefers to keep his mind clear and his attitude about these things has long been soured by watching the foolish things men do under their influence.
    Chanakya is tall, swarthy, and bronze-skinned from years of living without shelter, and has dark hair recklessly tied in a knot behind his head. His eyes are blue and expressive, flashing from haunted to deadly. He dresses in battle-worn, field-repaired clothes; appearances matter little to him. Aa worn bastard-sword across his back and a dagger in his belt are his constant companions.
    Virtue, Sin, Love: Chanakya defected from his employment with the Church of Dakshi the Glorious to work for Maximilian. He keeps his bedroll in a back-corner at the Four Pillars.