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Ezra the 'Witch'

Neutral Good Female Human
Level 4 Aristocrat

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Though not actually a witch at all, this is how the poor healer Ezra is cruelly called. Once she was the mistress of a merchant prince, beautiful and selfish, highly skilled in the arts of diplomacy and well connected. During one evening ignored and passed by a begger who was practicing at her lordís gates. When the begger cried out for her mercy she turned and spit upon and turned out a begger who was practicing at the gates of her husbands palace. The begger cursed her for her blindness to the needs of the poor and immediately she was turned blind. She fled, blindly, into the party of her merchant pricne lover and the party-goers took her behaviour to be an act. When one pretended to be her master and offered her comfort in return for a kiss she impulsively agreed, but at the moment their lips touched her master entered the ballroom. Seeing her so engaged he grew furious and threw her out.
    She wandered the streets of Hana for a time and fell back upon the skills of her childhood, herbalism and fortune telling. To her credit, she does possess a minor gift of foresight which many people fear. Ezra sees her life as a state of penitance and she accepts it. She has humbled herself, is a good woman, and she forgives the world for its cruelty. She is older now, none who knew her before would recognize her and she is glad for this.
    She is the moral and social advisor of Ahnkor. Ahnkor and she met at a church of Arden where she regularly goes in the morning to pray for forgiveness, for the well being of others, and for healing. So far, no magical healing has been able to restore her sight. The keepers of the church are all familiar and treat with her kindly.