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Chaotic Neutral Male Frost Giant
Level 6 Barbarian
Level 2 Sorcerer

Str 34   Dex 12   Con 26   Int 13   Wis 16   Cha 14

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

A respected warrior among other giants of his ilk, Frostgrinder dwells deep in the Crescent Mountains. He is unusually large for his kind, easily standing four times the height of a human. Also, unlike his kinsmen, Frostgrinder has an interest in the wisdom of the world. He is not one for studying books, but he does enjoy studying people, listening to stories, and learning secrets. His sorcerous powers are the result of an ongoing dalliance in the magical arts, in which he has small potential, but nevertheless possesses the gift for. His mighty size, when combined with his immense war hammer and sorcerous dabbling, make Frostgrinder a dangerous opponent. Unlike many of his kind though, Frostgrinder enjoys a good competition of both wits and strength. Thus, those who are less inclined to fight him with sword and shield can still parlay with him if they are quick with words.
    Cleansing Flame: Frostgrinder has a competitive feud with the serpent sorceress Belshaga. Much of his sorceress knowledge has been bought from her lips. Their ongoing feud is almost friendly in nature, though neither one would willingly admit that they enjoy the rivalry. Members of the Cleansing Flame mercenary group took from Frostgrinder the White Wyrm Crystal, a scrying device, and returned it to Belshega in return for divinations that she performed.