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True Neutral Female Coutl
Level 15 Sorcerer
Level 7 Loremaster

Str 18   Dex 16   Con 14   Int 19   Wis 21   Cha 20   Hit Points: 172

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

Belshega lives beneath a gargantuan tree of stone, called the Swearing Tree. Great runes of power are shaped into its surface by the cracks in its stoney bark. Legend says that any promise made while touching the tree must be fulfilled or dire consequences (as gaes) befall the forsworn.
    Belshega appears as a large feathered serpent with a body covered in breathtakingly beautiful turquoise feathers and wings that fade from gold to white. Belshega is about 14 feet long and speaks only by telepathy.
    Even for a minor or trivial matter - Belshega does nothing for free and nearly everything has its price. Her interest in the outside world is that of an outside watcher - interested, but without attachment.
    Cleansing Flame: Belshega was able to discern a wealth of information about the orcish invaders motives and the spiritual worlds influance upon those same events for the Cleansing Flame. In return the party retrieved her white dragon eye crystal from the giant called Frostgrinder.