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Proloriate Habriel Taoden

True Neutral Male Human
Level 11 Warmage
Level 5 Psion

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Born in the Eastern Empire, Habriel is a gifted evoker and former member of the prestigious Order of the Realm, an organization of wizards whose duty is to protect the Eastern Empire from its foes. During the time of the Black Scourge Habriel fought bravely alongside his companion realmsmages in many terrible battles. Even after the time of the Dark God had come to an end he was still plagued by terrible dreams of its grotesque servants and the vile things that he saw while in combat. Seeking to distance himself from the memories of his duties, Habriel left the Order of the Realm and traveled west, but there too he could not escape war. For several years more he assisted the United Kingdoms in their conflict against the elfin nation of Alfheim. Exhausted, sick, and tormented by his memories, he traveled southward to Hana, where no government would ask him to fight and he would be free to choose his own battles.
    Arriving in Hana, Habriel retired from wizardry and lived off the spoils of his adventures in war. Years slipped by, but his dreams did not abate. In a bid for his sanity he turned to the psions of the Gray Cabal and with their help he was able to conquer his memories and find the peace he sought. Intrigued by their methods he joined the Gray Cabal as a Fellow. Abandoning his studies as a war wizard, he explored the mysteries of the mind and discovered that new mental powers were awakening within him. After years of diligence and dedication to the Gray Cabal, Habriel was raised to the position of Proloriate.
    Habriel is a quiet-spoken man who keeps tight reign on his emotions, though beneath his peaceful veneer many rightfully suspect that there wells a mighty temper and a river of anger. Through a regimen of meditation and self-manipulating psychic exercises, Habriel rules over himself with a strict hand.
    Older and wiser now, Habriel teaches evocation arts to his students as a means of funding his psionic research. Habriel is fair-skinned, like his kin in the Eastern Empire, and he wears his hair neatly trimmed. Habriel does not accept many apprentices or associates of the guild. He is highly respected for his knowledge of draconic lore, political and battle tactics, his worldly connections with many leaders and powerful figures, his keen understanding of military history, and his brilliant mind.