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Lawful Evil Male Mwellwret Shade
Level 8 Sorcerer
Level 8 Master of Shadows
Level 1 Rogue

Str 18   Dex 17   Con -   Int 16   Wis 17   Cha 17   Hit Points: 132

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

A plain-faced and guarded-lipped man of dubious origins. Halat-Shar was found in the company of Urdan, not long after the rest of the party had abandoned him. Alas, the party was forced to travel with this strange priest when he and Urdan saved Gorn and Therod from a Kobold den.
    Halat-Shar claims to be a priest of Arden, though he carries a weapon which can pierce the flesh - a weapon normally forbidden by the following of Arden. But Halat-Shar has explained his short-swords presence as accepted by his order - a small following of Arden which believes it is best to slay those who bring death to the world before they can do so.
    Halat-Shar is fair-skinned, thin, and quiet spoken. He is also the only person whom Urdan will listen to unquestioningly. Therod has a hard time believing that all Halat-Shar professes is true.