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Chaotic Neutral Male Human
Level 12 Barbarian

Str 17   Dex 14   Con 16   Int 9   Wis 14   Cha 8   Hit Points: 114

Status: Missing
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

This warrior is from the Tribe of the Bear, a barbarian tribe that dwells on the massive Jarrik Glacier. He is a large man, heavyset, broad of shoulder, and wearing a nest of black hair over his head and face. Over his right eye is a tattoo of his spirit totem's foot print, a sabre-toothed tigers paw. His sabre-toothed tiger mount, Aldeib, is with him at all times and the two of them share a empathetic bond. At his side is a Steading Sword.
    Since he frequently ranges out across the glacier by himself and Aldeib, or in the company of Lioll and Brams, Ingtar frequently dresses in full white furred clothes to better protect against the perpetual cold and to blend in with the terrain from predators and hostile tribes.
    Black Scourge: Ingtar traveled alongside Garben to Shaorn Thulos, the evil ruins of the Cursed Rift while seeking out the ring keys to the All Stone. There the powerful curse of the valley doomed him and all who traveled at his side to madness. Loil and Bran returned to the Tribe of the Bear without him and did not speak of where he had gone.