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Chaotic Good Male Ogre Mage
Level 10 Sorcerer
Level 4 Priest of Chishleen

Str 22   Dex 10   Con 20   Int 17   Wis 16   Cha 24   Hit Points: 160

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

Loyal companion and longtime friend to the hero Ingtar, Loill is a welcomed celebrity among the barbarian tribes of the Jarik Glacier.
    Loill stands roughly eleven feet tall, is thickly muscled; despite his size he moves with grace. He wears a white chameleon cloak made from the pelt of a polar bear to help blend in with the terrain as he travels. His black hair is hidden beneath the white skull of the same creature, one of the first beasts which he and Ingtar triumphed over when they were but beginning adventurers.
    Loill is quiet among strangers, but with friends he is full of light hearted conversation. He is fearless of danger and a jovial traveling companion, his warm heart seeming somewhat out of place for his cold blue demeanor. He occasionally shares music from the fabled Icesinger flute that he carries, though he does not possess the skill necessary to unlock any but its most simple of powers.
    Ever since Ingtar's disappearance (AC12867) from their tent in the middle of the night, having just returned from the dread Cursed Icerift, Loill has wandered across the Jarik Glacier in search of his friend and in the company of his halfling companion, Brams.