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Pastor Iswynsing

Lawful Good Male Galiadre Elf
Level 8 Cleric of Arden
Level 2 Wizard

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Iswynsing is the night healer for the High Temple of Arden in Hana. He is entering his later years, only now after many centuries do the finest of wrinkles begin to appear at the corners of his lips and about his eyes. His luxurious gray hair is worn straight and to his waist, kept in check by a thin braid at either side and tied in back. Iswynsing is a calming presence and use to seeing terribly wounded and afflicted people come to the temple at night. He asks few questions about how they were harmed and allows most hospice and sanctuary until dawn when possible, before gently sending them on their way. Iswynsing has been with the High Temple of Arden for almost two-hundred years and he has seen more than a dozen high priests come and go. He finds contentment with his position and does not seek the position of High Priest for himself; his duties as night healer allow him to help those in need without becoming embroiled in the politics of the church.
    As a youth, Iswynsing was captured and raised by pirates in the Gulf of Biengyar. Oddly enough, his first mentor of magic was one of the pirates. The ship he was on was destroyed by a pirate hunting frigate from the United Kingdoms and he was captured and imprisoned for ten years. During his incarceration he was visited by a priest of Arden on a mission of mercy. The two became friends and arrangements were made to release Iswynsing into the priests custody. The remainder of his sentence was spent in service to the Church of Arden, but in the end he elected to stay and take the oaths of the priesthood. After decades as a priest of his own parish, Iswynsing was moved by the church to Hana when racial friction began to arise between the United Kingdoms and Alfheim.