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Jasyanwind Satpryusha

Level 3 Aristocrat
Level 5 Fighter

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

(J@s y@n wind. S@t pry oo shah.) Fifth son of the minor merchant prince household by the same name. He is a good man, but is easily lured by temptations. He is also a thrill-seeker. Jasyanwind helps people in trouble when he can and if the opportunity looks exciting. He is skilled in fencing blades, is fairly well connected among the minor families, and has an unrequited love for the daughter of one of the greater merchant princes. He is handsome, dark haired and eyed, athletic, dashing, and almost reckless in his bearing.
    Virtue Sin Love: Jasyanwind is responsible for rescuing Maximilian from the thugs of Prince Adadsi.