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Vizier Kafiq an Fissat

Neutral Evil Male Air Genasi
Level 8 Wizard

Str 10   Dex 15   Con 12   Int 18   Wis 14   Cha 13   Hit Points: 30

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Once Vizier to House Azzaah in the city of Hana, in the service of Lady Mriyaleet Azzaah. Kafiq and Rhiavet Azzaah usurped control of the house from Mriyaleet, keeping her exhausted and confused during the day and by night she was imprisoned in a chamber which aroused supernatural rage within her. For over a decade the two evil men ruled over the wealth of House Azzaah, until a band of heroes slew Rhiavet, rescued Mriyaleet from their designs, and chased off Kafiq.
    Kafiq is a handsome, middle-aged man. He has a tightly curled, long beard that extends neatly and straight down from his chin. He is deeply tanned, has bushy eyebrows that curl at their tips, and he wears his oiled hair in a knot on top of his head, beneath a tall hat. His garb of preference are robes, tied closed with a sash, and pantaloons, often of blue color and festooned with tassels and embroidered with faint arcane symbols. His voice is rich and resonate and he speaks with an imperious tone and wide vowels. His fingers are heavily decorated with jeweled rings and upon his feet he wears stylish shoes whose tips curl upward. Though he is a man of fastidious cleanliness and acumen, any apartment which he spends time in does inevitably become covered with a fine layer of dust, a trait of his ancestry that he cannot avoid and which irritates him. He is motivated to evil by the nature of his otherworldly ancestry. Kafiq is a wizard of modest power, well traveled and trained in distant arid lands to the north near the Desert of the Sinnd.
    Beneath his fine outer presentation however, Kafiq has traded his parts of his body to his research. Under the finery of his clothing his flesh is pocked with emerging reptilian scales, the product of his research into the binding of the flesh of otherworldly creatures to those more mundane. Due to his own otherworldly ancestry, Kafiq has had more luck experimenting upon himself than his mundane subjects.
    Forced to flee from House Azzaah, Kafiq relocated his research to a ruined tower, located a days travel north of Hana and in the jungles. There he could summon creatures of other worlds and experiment in binding their flesh to local lizardfolk test subjects.
    Kafiq was only able to pursue his research in this hidden place for half a year before his location was discovered by agents of the skarn Rus clan. Amaranthe, the sorcerous wife of Vorlance, sought to avenge her husband's death at the hand of Kafiq and had employed divinations for months till she finally found the tower lair. Vorlance's adventurer friends traveled there and after a terrible battle they captured Kafiq and returned him to Hana, where he was beheaded by Mydrinn on the harbor beach of Puryat Dubala.