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Master Kalyan u'Puran

Neutral Evil Male Human
Level 3 Aristocrat
Level 2 Fighter

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Once the chief steward of Prince Adadsi, Kalyan was discovered to be engaged in a multitude of treacherous acts and after lengthy suffering for his deeds he was executed.
    Shortly before his scandal was uncovered, Kalyan had been preoccupied with his seduction of a favored concubine of Adadsi, Malena. Not content to covet the harem of Adadsi, Kalyan also craved the prince's power. To that end he stole away an evil magical device, a needle and dagger, with which he could cut away the shadows of the recently dead and command them to his bidding. Fortunately, before he could murder enough people to ensure a successful coup, his plot was discovered and he was captured.
    Kalyan had been a successful steward of Adadsi, earning his trusted position during battles and rise to power of Adadsi's father. However he never had the same respect for the son as he'd had for the father.