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Malena Darpana

True Neutral Female Human
Level 3 Expert

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

A stunningly beautiful woman who was once the prized concubine of Radashan Adadsi. When House Darpana changed allegiances to House Prassana, Malena was stolen away out of Adadsi's harem quarters during a daring raid. Malena does not at all regret this change of venue. Since she knows a great many secrets of House Adadsi, Malena does not live at House Darpana, but at House Prassana, where her safety can be better managed.
    Malena has fair skin for a local, smooth and light tea colored. Her luxurious black hair falls straight from her fair brow. Her eyes are coy, quick, and deepest green. She is passionate, musically gifted, highly educated, and quite skilled in all the arts one would expect from the favored consort to a merchant prince.