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Maragan Shale

Chaotic Evil Male Human
Level 14 Paladin

Str -   Dex 17   Con -   Int 10   Wis 14   Cha 20   Hit Points: 91

Status: Undead
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Maragan is the tortured ghost of a paladin who fell from grace. He was met in the Temple of Bone, a days ride south of Twin Shores. He was one of many good men and women who once served the powers of good, but who were corrupted by worshipers of Qo and driven to perform terrible evils. These fallen heroes would then sacrifice themselves to Qo by having three large nails driven through their chest, in the hope that they would be reborn as the next avatar of Qo. Fortunately, none are known to have succeeded in this goal.
    In his first encounter, Maragan attacked the group with fury until Elena, the daughter of Tellzan, took up the sword she had earlier found in the tomb, at the swords whispered suggestion, and from it burst forth golden light. Maragan ceased his attack and had a revelation of the terrible evil he had done.
    Maragan is still plagued with impulses of evil that he cannot escape as long as he remains undead, but he is aware of his passions and tries to stay cool and in control. He seeks to redeem his soul and find rest by slaying the infernal power called Abarat, the Hunter of Titalus. To that end he travels in the company of Tellzan, Elena, and their companions, assisting them where he is able to with what he learned many hundreds of years ago while he was still alive.