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Omran Dun

True Neutral Male Dwarf
Level 3 Expert

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Omran is a vintner who makes fine wines from berries collected from the nearby jungles. He lives in Puryat Dubala, Hana where his modest wealth allows him to live in one of the few clay-brick homes. He has a two room wine-cellar beneath his home, where it is kept cool and dark throughout all the hot seasons of Hana. Omran is friend to the skarn clan leader, Alek Rus, father of Vorlance.
    Virtue Sin Love: When Vorlance Rus came to his father and confided his fear at being tainted with the bite of a wererat lycanthrope, Alek took his son to Omran and had him secured in the wine cellar of Omran where Vorlance could do no harm should he have changed into a vile wererat.