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Fraternal Master Sadu Yoddha

Neutral Good Male Human
Level 5 Fighter
Level 4 Warlock
Level 5 Anointed Knight

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Not just an alchemist, but also a strongly devoted follower of the Path of Yoddha, a belief that extols holy virtues of actionable compassion, aggressive redemption of evil, intolerance of wickedness, and the application of personal divinity. Sadu is an older man, a retired warrior, who specializes in holy balms, elixirs created from holy materials, and the distilling of sacred oils. He is knowledgeable of numerous occult practices as befits one who has long fought against the powers of evil. He is also a member of Enonin, a troupe of holy warriors that fight against evil without subtilty, their numbers scattered throughout the southwestern lands of Irendi.
    Sadu is unexpectedly burly for an alchemist, though in his age his muscles sag slightly on his great frame. His blond hair is graying and he is not a local of Hana, though he speaks Hanoi perfectly. His jaw and brow are strong and he shaves his blond-gray beard infrequently. Signs of his past are clear though in his guild quarters where he keeps a beautiful set of mithral plate armor and an equally beautiful mithral longsword that is covered with scrolling celestial lettering.
    Sadu lives at the Union Thauchemica guildhall in Hana, where he is an Elder Alchemist member.