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True Neutral Male Human
Level 2 Warrior

Str 16   Dex 12   Con 14   Int 10   Wis 7   Cha 10   Hit Points: 19

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Bronze skinned, handsome and muscled, Tan'Shu is destined to woo many women's hearts with his looks and skill at the sword, if he can but keep himself alive long enough. Though he has some skill as a warrior, Tan'Shu is brash and foolish, often putting himself into danger before he knows anything of his opponents nature. Such was the case when a great earthquake opened up hidden chambers in the side of one of the Shinveta sepif of Hana.
    Tan'Shu was in the nearby market with his father, having his sword blade sharpened, when the earthquake struck. Without thinking he grabbed up his blade and battled the undead that were advancing from the hole in the sepif. When the restless dead retreated again into the sepif, he foolishly followed them in and was overwhelmed.
    Fortunately for Tan'Shu a band of adventurers led by a monk called Wind entered the sepif passageway, battled through undead, and saved Tan'Shu's life before he was sacrificed and turned to undeath. Following this extraordinary turn of events, Tan'Shu pledged his sword to the adventuring band.