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Fellow Torag the Blooded

True Neutral Male Skull Split Orc
Level 9 Warmage

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

A retired war mage, member of the Gray Cabal in Hana, and former associate to the enigmatic Proloriate Anshuman. He is somewhat jaded after his many years of battle and bloodshed, he speaks plainly of atrocities he saw during the time of the Black Scourge and of life on the war-path.
    Kukalmak was sent to Torag as a first interview before his meeting with Proloriate Anshuman, in hopes of securing a sponsor and gain entrance into the Gray Cabal. Torag loves the spicy food of his homeland and a gift of orcish delacacies from Kukalmak helped secure Torag's recommendation of Kukalmak to Anshuman.