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Campaign Excerpt: Information gained from Yneufael

Yneufael showed up after the battle by coalescing constructobot style out of those Sages of Greed (Secret Keepers, he said they were called back in the day). Surprisingly he did not radiate evil. He said he was thankful to us for stopping that red dragon from pillaging his stuff and offered us some secrets as a reward. We saved one "question" for you to ask and we pretty much asked a bunch of stuff about dragons and whats going on with them, as well as about Rajaniish, the Tsochar, the Slug Things Below (Saruswathi), the plight of that Anrog's scales afflicted friend, Thanos and how to best defend Hana from the coming "dragonstorm." We also asked about the Red Witch.
    Basically we learned that yes, the lineage of dragons is awakening in people and they will inevitably be called to their former sires or at least take up their sires' goals. We learned what we already knew about Rajaniish. in preparation for the dragonstorm he made a very risky deal with the Tsochar to vie for control of Hana when the time comes. Of the Saruswathi we learned that they are powerful psychics can only be blocked off from the real world if those three pillars are remade, and the Cult of the Third Moon werewolves are voraciously guarding the last one. Lathidus was right in that Thanos could only be cured of his lineage by letting Yneufael use those items to break his ancient blood contract. Hana can best be defended from other dragons by once again honoring the ancient "Dweller in the Depths," which we believe to be a sea dragon of some sort. If we follow through with the rituals ancient Hana made with that dragon, he will defend Hana from the destruction of other dragons. Unfortunately some of those rituals were a little unpleasant, but nothing outright evil, such as throwing money tribute overboard for safe boat journeys, allowing criminals to be put to death in the shallows, honoring certain sea denizens, and so on. The Red Witch turned out to be a red dragon disciple, and gains his insight in the same way Wind did, by tapping into some ancient draconic heritage.
    Seeing the ancient dragon Yneufael standing before us, and the inevitability of him getting his artifacts back, knowing that at least he wasn't evil, since it would be the only way to save the life of Thanos, Walks the Walls made a bargain with him that he would never plot or act against Hana. We relinquished those items and Yneufael, true-to-his-word, restored Thanos, who actually turned out to be a really cool guy.
     Having a short break from our enemies, and the cults of Dragon off our backs as well, we decided it might be a good time to learn more about the Fotis Mantle. We plan a foray into the sepif, mostly to scout and learn whats in store for us. And, one of the eyes of Walks the Walls is now formed from red marble-like stone.