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Tsochari Defamation of the Church of Arden

The Tsochar have amassed a powerful nest in the palace of Rajaniish under the leadership of Usamah. Firmly seated in their power they seek to further spread their influence in Hana and exact vengeance upon the heroes of the Four Pillars for destroying their other nests. In preparation for this revenge they have begun to carefully infiltrate the Temple of Arden and aggressively infiltrate the Four Pillars with infected beggars and poor.

As part of their campaign against the Temple of Arden, they begin spreading news of how High Priestess Inika has become afflicted with Scales and that she has turned into a terrible flesh-eating scaly monster who is depleting the church coffers from within. This rumor travels quickly through Hana, aided greatly by Tsochari agents and the PCs at the Four Pillars soon learn of it or overhear templars of Arden talking about it.

Publically, the church denies the rumor. They say that the reason for Inika’s has been a sabbatical and that Helfdir’s presence as leader of the church in Hana is only temporary. Yet, it is true, Inika has transformed into a monstrous dragon complete with draconic appetites and draconic desires. She has gone a little insane from the endless whispered questions of Venirrinir (an ancient cloud dragon that has begun to awaken) that plague her sleep and moments of relaxation, nevermind the extraordinary physical changes she has undergone.

One of the most public decriers of the church is a woman named Damyanti. Beautiful and well spoken, she has been loudly accusing the church of lying to her, accusing Inika of hiding behind a church instead of publicly speaking to her complaint. Damyanti has a valid complaint against the church, her husband was afflicted by the scales and the church would not (could not) help her. Inika told her that her husband was cursed and unworthy of divine intervention. This is also true; Inika said this while having one of her moments of madness, overcome by the psionic assaults of Venirrinir.

Damyanti is furious with the church, but she is also an agent of the Tsochar. She loudly complains of her suspicions that the church will soon murder her for all the trouble she has caused in revealing the truth. The church has actually been following her in secret to make sure that no harm does befall her. One afternoon though, she points out a templar of Arden in the crowd and accuses him of being an assassin. The crowd, finding a sword hidden in the man’s cloak, practically beat him to death as it chased him off. Dissent and rumor have likewise affected the church’s congregations.

Then one day, Damyanti is assassinated, publically while she stands on a stage before a crowded street. A man runs up to her and slits her the throat with a poisoned dagger. Then turns to the crowd and says, “The church disapproves of those who would slander the dragon-born Inika.” He too, of course, is a Tsochari puppet.