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The Incasos are a nomadic horde of demonic beings which move about the many planes of existence. They are commonly found in the Lower Planes, such as the Eldin, Oon, and Balbros, but have been known to occasionally wander into the transitive and Upper Planes as well. Like the Yugoloths, the Incasos often fill the roll of mercenaries taken in by the other infernal lords to wage the chaotic Blood War. Incasos also act as catalysts - inspiring evil acts of various nature in mortal kind and ensuring that the influence of evil is felt on the Material Plane. Because of this, the other infernal races rarely direct their armies against the Incasos. After all, more souls going to hell is better for all fiends.
    As they travel about the planes the Incasos seek to cause the greatest destruction and evil as possible. An Incasos who is adept at creating and inspiring evil may be rewarded by promotion upon his death into a greater form.
    The Incasos are not especially loyal to their own kind and ambitious Incasos who believe themselves to be successful are known for attempting to slay their leaders and then kill themselves, hoping that they will ascend into their leaders form and position while their leader is punished to some lesser form. There is one exception to this inner fighting. None will harm a True Incasos to the point of death for fear of the vengeance which will be wrecked upon them by The Voice.
    While often less powerful than the Greater Incasos, True Incasos act as go-betweens for all other Incasos and the Voice. Often, rather then directly revealing itself to a given Incasos, The Voice sends a True Incasos in its place. In this way, the True Incasos are of a station similar to that of how a priest stands between other mortals and their god.
    Incasos are primarily interested in two things. The first being the grand inspiring of evil throughout the all parts of the cosmos, and the second being to travel in search of places to perform their evil. They are opportunists in this second interest and are never known to pass up an opportunity to further the spread of evil, darkness, and despair across the multiverse. While the Baatezu and Tanar'ri have their favorite ways of encouraging evil in humanity and other beings, the Incasos are not particular about what evils are done, but they are masters at bringing out the worst in mortals.
    The appearance of the Incasos varies, but some characteristics can be found in their majority. Many having seen the disgusting Slaad, or the unsightly Baatezu, would say that the Incasos are the least offensive appearing inhabitants of the Lower
TrueAergar, Amarat, Turog
GreaterBashlikar, Julahdon, Maeldrad, Geltutoog
LesserInfaeludor, Mandragorae, Taturak
LeastBlight, Mealafist
Planes. Their features are symmetric and well formed. Most can fly and possess great wings somewhere upon their demonic bodies. The hides of many are made from supple scales, and generally some hue of red in color. They are all completely hairless and most wear a minimal amount of protection since their scaled hide or thick skin is usually tough enough to turn the sharpest of swords and claws. The Incasos fall into four divisions: True, Greater, Lesser, and Least.

Incasos combine magical cunning and physical might to do battle against other creatures. Killing beings which oppose their goal of corruption is a pleasure few can deny, better still if they can bring low and fill such enemies with such despair and self-loathing that they succumb to evil acts of their own.
    Summon Incasos (Sp): All Incasos (except Blight) can summon other Incasos much as though casting a summon monster spell, but they have only a limited chance of success. Roll d%: On a failure, no Incasos answer the summons. Summoned creatures automatically return whence they came after 1 hour. An Incasos that has just been summoned cannot use its own summon ability for 1 hour. Incasos rarely hesitate to summon their lesser kin, but are loath to summon their equals as it leaves them beholden to the summoned creature. An Incasos will only call upon its own breed and rank if it is necessary to save their own lives.

Incasos Qualities
    Aura of Malice (Su): All incasos are able to eminate various malicious auras. These are detailed in each creatures entry and affect all creatures within their radius. More powerful Incasos can use their auras to influence lesser Incasos.
    Immunities (Ex): Immune to poison, fire, cold, and petrification.
    Resistance (Ex): Resistance to acid 10 and resistance to electricity 10.
    See in Darkness (Su): All Incasos can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even that created by a deeper darkness spell.
    Slippery Soul (Su): Incasos receive saving throws to avoid magic meant to imprison, hold, entrap, or banish, even when a saving throw is not normally allowed.
    Summon (Sp): Incasos (except Blight) share the ability to summon others of their kind (the success chance and type of Incasos summoned are noted in each monster description).
    Telepathy (Su): Incasos (except Blight) can communicate telepathically with any creature within 100 feet that has a language.

Incasos only rise in rank through the death of their body. Having been killed, their station is re-chosen by an entity known as The Voice, which promotes them into some greater form, or punishes them and places their essence into some lesser Incasos. Though the quantity of their population is unknown, it is theorized that there are a constant number of Incasos which does not change with the death of one. Incasos do not have a gender among them and do not breed nor create other Incasos. Each death of an Incasos results in the appearance of a new one somewhere else and possibly of a different form. There are, however, portioned numbers of these infernal beings for each kind of Incasos and the number of Greater never exceeds the number of the Lesser and so on.
    Greater Incasos cannot ascend into the form of a True Incasos. The True Incasos are a special breed of their own. True Incasos may change skins with other True Incasos shapes and thus an Aergar may become an Amarat or Turog. The Turog are the highest leaders, aside from The Voice and its avatar, of the Incasos. True Incasos are also special because they can become vessels for the avatar of The Voice. At any time The Voice may possess two True Incasos and use them as its avatar. Further information regarding this avatar can be found on the compendium entry of The Voice.

Incasos by Challenge Rating
CR 1BlightA disgusting pool of slimy, writhing red goo is the birthing ground of all Incasos.
CR 2MealafistDisfigured fiends of minor status that tend to the fetid Blight.
CR 5InfaeludorFireball hurling scouts and spindly shock troops.
CR 7TaturakSharp clawed fiends and elite soldiers of the Incasos.
CR 10MandragoraeDiverse beings with a bad case of split personality.
CR 13JulahdonCunning diplomats and spies that delight to corrupt mortals with their tangled plots.
CR 15BashlikarField commanders, sadistic slavers, and megalomaniacal warriors.
CR 18MaeldradPlotting in shadow, these seek to manipulate all others to serve in their selfish plans.
CR 20GeltutoogTowering generals of self-satisfying bloodlust and unbridled megalomaniacal passion.
CR 28AergarFanatical information hoarding priests of The Voice.
CR 30AmaratFearless orchestrators of pain and bloodshed.
CR 35TurogThe undisputed lords of the Incasos that seeth with corruption and great malice.
-The VoiceImmortal presence worshiped by the Incasos.