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Divinations of Belshega

This information was divined by Belshega, the serpent witch, in return for the part the party played in returning to her the White Wyrm Crystal, her scrying orb, which had been stolen by the giant Frostgrinder.


Kaluk is another name for Korog. Korog is the proper name. Because of his appearance, the orc tribes are inspired to go to war. The orcs believe that the appearance of Korog heralds their victory over the lowlands. Korog's real reason for appearing is the theft of 12 urns, containing the ashes of his warriors. Returning the urns to their original burial ground will return Korog to rest and likely have a great impact on the orcish invasion.
    Rageon, an undead spirit of a wizard, has an agreement with Gorag, son of Gog. By this agreement, Gorag stole Korog's 12 urns and gave them to Rageon, who uses them as a source to empower his spells. Without Gorag, Rageon is nothing but a spirit, and without the urns, Rageon does not have the power to effectively mount a campaign in the world of the living.
    Those who possess the urns should beware. Korog will work against any who possesses them. Likewise, the urns give power to whoever possesses them, including the power to control the spirits of the 12 warriors.
    Dalithol is a druid, descendent of the fairy prince Maraninsindalithol. He can point the way to entering the fairy kingdom. The Prince of Fairies is very knowledgeable and quite likely knows the weaknesses of Rageon, Korog, and Gorag as well. The fairy prince can likely also protect those who bear the urns from discovery and the wrath of Korog.