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Lord Ekevir


Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Also known by the names Divyesh (Full of Divinity) or Kushanu, this giant of a man is a foreigner to Hana. He has a tan complexion and is well traveled, clues hinting that he has spent time in both the Eastern Empire and also in the Westering Kingdoms. Ekevir is a physically imposing man, standing roughly eight feet tall and being proportionately broad. He carries a strange looking sword which most men could barely use with two arms. Frequently he is seen wearing a royal purple cloak that is embroidered along its edges in gold thread with strange arcane symbols.
    Virtue Sin Love: Lord Ekevir has a long history of mysterious encounters. First sighting of him was made by Wind, when he was seen in an alleyway of the Shinveta sepif complex, accompanied by two other men. Wind observed them from behind a cart which had been used to hide abducted children and reported witnessing strange tentacles reach from beneath Ekevir's cloak and explore the contents of the cart, it was on this occasion that Ekevir's henchmen refered to him as Lord Kishanu.
    Ekevir was later seen by Ahnkor and Jor in the waiting antechambers of Prince Rajaniish, a wicked merchant lord whose men had been guarding the same location as where the kidnapped children were stashed. The purpose of his meeting there was never known, but later events seem to indicate some kind of alliance between Ekevir and Rajaniish.
    Reports of Ekevir's frequent presence at the Temple of Mok-Thuum on the Isle of Sepras, at Castle Kafaa Raavar on the Vofoti River where strange rituals and cultists have been seen, and also at House Azzaah. Clearly there is some connection between all of these places, but whether that connection is Ekevir or something else is unknown.
    More about Ekevir was revealed late in the Virtue Sin Love campaign. The details of which can be found here.