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Sir Elaos Dorn

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 5 Fighter

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Originally from the Westering Kingdoms, Elaos fell in with a mercenary group in Hana called the Strong of Anshur after his adventuring party was decimated by a pack of wererats. Months later, while looking for his changed companions, he too became infected with lycanthropy, a thrall to the wererat Skaris.
    When word that the bones of Saint Vushundra reached him he gathered to other friends of his (Anno and his wife Shrishna) and left to see if it was true. They rushed to the temple, but shortly before they arrived the moon arose in the sky and they were transformed. Barely cognizant, they rushed the temple's defenses and threw themselves before the silver chest which held the saints bones and were miraculously cured.
    Following the miracle, Elaos joined the Four Pillars to adventure alongside the heroes Ahnkor, Kukalmak, Maximilian, and Wind. He would spend his time training the warriors of the Four Pillars in swordplay and sometimes venture out into the byways of Tenkshystra in search of news about his missing wererat-turned companions. Often he would fight alongside the heroes of the Four Pillars, joining them on their crusade against the vile, body-stealing Tsochar.
    It was on one of these adventures, during a battle deep in a tsochari stronghold, that Elaos was overcome by the enemies magic and lost his senses. Confused, he was dragged into a tsochari breeding pool and brutally slain.