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Elius Voon

True Neutral Male Human

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

A short, wiry, hunched, yet spry old man who usually dresses in ragged robes of black. Eli, as he prefers to be called, is a priest of Zhakrin Zhakrin and a member of an order called the Guardians of the Dead. Eli counsels the living who near the ends of their lives and administers last rights when the time comes for his mortal flock to enter into the keeping of his god. Nothing fazes Eli, who in his wandering of the streets of Hana has seen everything: the greatest evils, the most compassionate of good deeds, poverty and wealth, joy and sadness, birth and death. All these things he takes in as part of a full understanding life, and thus a better understanding of death.
    Virtue Sin Vice: Eli was first seen tending to the body of a slain priest of Mok-Thuum (the very same priest which had slain the warlock Jor), who's body had been unceremoniously left in the streets. Later the party encountered him again at a laying to rest ceremony for the ghost of a wronged woman in the palace of Prince Adadsi.