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Shaman Eretamo

Chaotic Neutral Male Centaur (Sylrati)

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

The T'eneptua tribe of centaurs, whose village lies on the eastern shores of Lake Pawn, was long guarded by the magic of this powerful shaman. Eretamo was the guardian of the tribes ancient lore and had lived a lengthy life, seeing 5 generations of centaurs before he died of old age.
    It was because of his death that the magics which kept those who had not been in the T'eneptua Village from seeing it began to fade. This allowed a large trolls dwelling nearby on the shores of Lake Hope to find the village and assault it. The trolls were turned away and destroyed by the efforts of Therod, Tadhg, Lorion, and Mok-Cron, some benevolent wolves, and the forces of a neighboring centaur tribe. The leader of the Trolls, a powerful sorcerer, escaped.