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Chaotic Neutral Male Human
Level 16 Wizard

Str 11   Dex 14   Con 12   Int 20   Wis 15   Cha 12   Hit Points: 54

Status: Retired
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

A longtime companion to Tharamas Thodan, this eclectic sage is one of the few who know the truth of Thodan's troubled past - he was there. Mervic is about five and one-half feet tall, rail thin, has white gray hair that was once blond, as he is now seventy-two years old (AC12885). Resting on his dying bed at the luxurious Baron's Rest in Tel-Akbar, he still keeps the secret of his long-time friend, but is happy to tell others of his past.
    Mervic was born (AC12813) in the Eastern Empire as Luthias, son of Brotas, and was educated with hopes that unlike his unsuccessful father, that he would become a talented musician and travel the world. While visiting his uncle, a bard of small renown, he was introduced to magic, a subject his uncle knew a little of. Fascinated by the possibilities, Mervic dedicated himself to exploring it and became very close to his uncle, eventually leaving his father's home and going to dwell in his uncle's company. When rogues attacked the home and slew Mervic's uncle, he fled the burning wreck in the night and decided to take his uncle's name in memory.
    Mervic used his magic to carefully make contacts with lawless factions in the nearby metropolis of Larissa, in hopes of tracking down his mentor's murderers. It was through these resources that he met Tharamas Thodan and Niatara, who at the time was Tharamas' lover.
    Eventually, he caught up with his uncle's murderers, and with his friends help they were brought to justice. This however brought upon them the wrath of a powerful thieves guild. After months of run-ins with the guild, nearly resulting in the death of Tharamas, Niatara, and Mervic, Tharamas devised a cunning plan to pillage the vaults of the guild and flee the country with its proceeds. The plan was a success, but not only did it turn the wrath of the entire guild upon them, it also resulted in the release of a powerful demon. The demon, Ahmdaz, gratefully razed the guild house as they escaped, but became infuriated when Mervic attempted to dismiss it back to the Realm of Balbros and vowed to destroy the party when it had regained its strength.
    With their fortune intact, the group fled over the Crescent Mountains and eventually arrived in Tel-Akbar. There, Tharamas secretly purchased a large hotel as an investment, which he named the Baron's Rest. Soon though, agents of the guild they had robbed came hunting them and they were forced to move on.
    While traveling west (AC12861), out of the United Kingdoms, he and his friends came under attack by a band of Moredhel and Moredwraiths. It would have meant doom for the group but for the arrival of another adventuring party led by Garben Gilthanus. Though he lost his spellbook in the fight, and his halfling companion Nigel was slain, the party survived. That night, while the party rested up from the fight he demonstrated his genius by reinventing the fireball spell without his spellbook.
    For years to follow, Mervic and his friends would join forces with Garben Gilthanus' companions and adventure together, sometimes as one large group and sometimes just as parts. After many such adventures, and having outlived his enemies, Mervic is one of the lucky few to live long enough to retire in peace.