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Rhiavet Azzaah

Neutral Evil Male Human
Level 4 Cleric of Mok Thuum
Level 1 Aristocrat

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

A middling priest in the Cult of Mok-Thuum and the son of Mriyaleet Azzaah, matron of House Azzaah.Rhiavet has light olivine skin like that of other Hana natives, though his hair has been straightened as a sign of his social position and wealth. He bears four tattoos on his back at its corners, symbolic of his devotion to Mok-Thuum. When not assisting his cult, Rhiavet managed the busines affairs of House Azzaah. Unfortunately, he was killed on accident by Vorlance while trying to escape from Castle Kafaa Raavar after the party of adventurers interrupted a vulgar Mok-Thuum ceremony that he was orchestrating. When he lept from the castle walls and into the Vofoti River, Vorlance pursued him and while trying to subdue Rhiavet, he struck the priest in the head with the flat of a sword and killed him.