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Lady Mriyaleet Azzaah

True Neutral Female Human
Level 4 Aristocrat

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

(Mry ah leet. Ahz zah.) The ruler of House Azzaah, a minor merchant house in the city of Hana. Most of her days are spent sleeping because she is visited by demon spirits at night, which torment her and take up most of her energies. During the day the spirits depart and she becomes lucid and capable of leading her house. Due to the malady, much of her house's business is actually managed by her son, Rhiavet, a capable businessman.
    House Azzaah is a labor supplier for the Silk Cartel of Hana. The coat of House Azzaah is a black, one-winged manticore on a field of purple.
    Virtue Sin Love: It was discovered that the cause of Mriyaleet's night terrors were due to a self inflicted spirit of rage that had come upon her due to circumstances manipulated about her. In AC12881 she discovered her daughter Chiatali sitting astride her murdered husband, in bed, naked as though having just copulated with him. For this act and the murdering of her younger brother, Mriyaleet sent Chiatali away, disowning her and sending her to board in a convent in Abnasia, far from home and never to be seen again. Since that terrible day, any sight of the room in which the atrocity was commited would drive Mriyaleet into an uncontrollable rage. Shortly after her husband's death, the household vizier, Kafiq began to slip poisons into Mriyaleets drinks, causing her to spend her days in a foggy haze of indecision. Her household staff was dismissed and replaced and Mriyaleet was quartered nightly in the same chamber that her daughter had commited the murder in. Thus, nightly, Mriyaleet would be consumed with terrible rage, pass her days in exhaustion and drug induced confusion, while the Vizer, Kafiq, and her son Rhiavet ruled over her household with a free hand.
    When the adventuring party, lead by Wind continued to investigate the actions of Rhiavet and his involvement in the cult of Mok-Thuum, they discovered the truth of Mriyaleet's condition and resolved to save her from her affliction. In a daring nightime raid they freed Mriyaleet from the spirit of rage that filled her, escaped with her from the room that brought on the rage, cured Mriyaleet of the poisons that clouded her mind, and chased Kafiq from the house.
    Mriyaleet now (AC12896) leads her house once again with her full facilities. However, House Azzaah has been greatly weakened by the actions of her son and vizier, and no heir is apparent.