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Speros Fourfist

Chaotic Good Male Human
Level 13 Ranger

Str 16   Dex 17   Con 17   Int 10   Wis 16   Cha 12

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

Speros is a native of Tel-Akbar and was once a member of the Mistwolf ranger group, led by Afairian Mistwolf. Speros left the group when Afairian refused to use their resources to fight against slave operations deep underground in the ancient Underhalls. After several years of trying to take care of the problem he found an unlikely ally in Garben Gilthanus, a leader in the powerful thieves guild of Tel-Akbar. Like Speros, Garben had an intense dislike for the practice of slavery. Removing the slaver traffic from the Underhalls provided Garben with a stealthy route to send his most valuable fenced goods to other countries.
    Afairian tipped Speros off that Garben might be willing to help him and so Speros approached Garben for him. Of course, neither Afairian nor Speros knew that Garben was a secretive guild leader, but Afairian had recommended him based on his knowledge of Garben as a renowned adventurer that had some experience exploring underground environs.
Garben agreed to the alliance and brought his formidable resources to work for Speros. Speros provided his extensive knowledge of the underground ways, without which Garben might have never found the Underhalls. Together they adventured into the Underhalls, ancient pathways carved through the earth during the Age of Wonders and the Unholy Wars. There they set up traps for slaver caravans and attacked several more.
    The Underhalls are not without their dangers. During one fateful foray, while tracking down a caravan of slave traders, they encountered a terrible serpent. The grim battle was won, but in the midst of the attack Speros was bitten by the serpents jaws, cut cleanly in half, and slain.
    Garben left the body as a warning to future travelers, but took Speros' broadsword, "Vestment," for his collection, and later gave it to Sir Bayard.