Missionary Domain

Source: Relics & Rituals
Deities: Arden, Azhull, Baeast, Brakah, Chishleen, Daer-Koch, Hiteh, Illustree, Lathidus, Shistar, Zhakrin.
Granted Power: You can invoke the ability to comprehend languages once per day as a free acion. This is a spell-like ability, however, there are no components required, so the power can be activated without anyone else's knowledge. Theis effect lasts twice as long as the spell itself (i.e., 20 minutes/level).

Missionary Domain Spells
  1  Madriel's Empathic Resonance. The subject experiences the emotions of those whom he wrongs.R&R
 Mount. Summons riding horse for 2 hr./level.PHB
  2  Rend the Sovereign Soul. Weakens victim's Will to resist.R&R
 Charm Person. Makes one person your friend.PHB
  3  Divine Raiment. Opponents can't attack you, but you can attack.R&R
  4  Suggestion. Compels subject to follow stated course of action.PHB
  5  Prying Eyes. 1d4 floating eyes +1/level scour for you.PHB
  6  Inquisition. Target must answer three questions truthfully.R&R
  7  Incite. Enlist a large group to achieve a specified goal.R&R
  8  Sympathy. Object of location attracts certain creatures.PHB
  9  Convert. Subject gains belief in your god.R&R