Called the Lord Luck, the Wild God, Bast, and the Beast Within. Baeast's portfolio includes aspects of chance, luck, animals, and the elements.

Domains: Air, Animal, Beastmaster*, Chaos, Earth, Fire, Luck, Missionary, Summoning*, Trickery, Water
*This is a prestige domain.

The deity called Baeast (prn: baay yaast), among many other names, is a primal and beastial force of the elements and wild creatures. It is a god of chaos and luck. Baeast's favor is granted to those who oppose the taming or corruption of nature. The Lord of the Hunt has a very diverse following, taking in members of all civilized races and a broad selection of sentient monsters of the wilderness. These followers are very loosely organized and there is no formal ranking among them. Those who are more powerful use their talents and skills to lead, protect, and survive upon those who are weak. Worshipers of Baeast can be found anywhere in the world, protecting the natural world from advancing civilizations.
    Since the traditions of Baeast contain many beliefs of reincarnation and natural cycles, it is a wildly held belief that, despite the newer common name, Baeast is merely a new incarnation of the ancient deity called Baos. Though more chaotic than before, priests of Baos welcome the changes in their deity's attitude as a response to the ever increasing attempts at civilizing the world.
    Most commonfolk view servants of Baeast with wary suspicion. This mistrust is well earned since as many sinister and evil beings worship Baeast as do good and benign. Servents of The Beast have been known to raise terrible storms with just as much ease as they can create watering springs. Worshipers of Baeast are also treated with caution because of their affinity with beasts of the forests; creatures that the common man often fears and does not understand.
Baeast (Intermediate Deity)
Symbol: A bestial clawed paw, a mist ringed burning bush, four claw marks, a wooden coin, a paw print, a wolf head, a burning crystal sphere.
Home Plane: Roa, the Realm of Conflict.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Primal elements, animals and beasts, luck and chance.
Worshipers: Woodsmen, rangers, druids, freedom fighters, fae and sylven touched beings, naturalists and preservationists.
Cleric Alignments: Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Evil, True Neutral.
Domains: Air, Animal, Beastmaster*, Chaos, Earth, Fire, Luck, Missionary, Summoning*, Trickery, Water
*This is a prestige domain.
Favored Weapon: Flail or Claw Bracers
Favored Colors: Brown and Green
Alternate Names: Bast, (the) Beast, Baos, Lord of the Hunt, (the) Hunter, Lord Luck, Xaos.
    To dwarves, Baeast is known as Ramul, "the Hound of Harn" (Daernarthor), not so much a god as an immortal servitor of Harn who manifests as beasts sent to return spirits which have escaped Harn's Judgement. No other dwarven race has adopted Baeast as part of their pantheon.
    Elves know Baeast as Valyaldien, "Breath of the Land" (Lerether); and Aram, "The Red God" (Tenerthor).
    Halflings from Kindertel call Baeast by the name Reddettin, "The Burning Wood," or Himlin "the Wyld." Lupinal know it by the name Neirfed, the "Fickle Beast."

Direction of Faith

Were the world ruled by Baeast alone then it would be much like Firningog, the domain that Baeast calls home. In Firningog (fear ning og) the mountains seem to reach into the sky, verdant forests that fill the valleys between, geysers of flame erupt from the highest peaks and look like veins of red as they flow down the snowy slopes at night, and chill rivers rush through deep fjords and over towering waterfalls. The land is populated with supreme examples of every beast, with dire and legendary king beasts ruling over their lessers in a primal way that is kin to animal behaviour. There, the only law is the law of the jungle; unrestrained and ruthless competition between each group of creatures. The weak may seek shelter from the strong, but they are then subject to the rule of the strong. The world of Baeast is vigorously elemental, often in change, repleat with strange coincidence
    Believers of Baeast believe that in such a setting that their spirits are honed in a cycle of reincarnation until it achieves a divine state and finally merges with the powers of nature, thus achieving something resembling immortality or unity with their deity. Since the Great Pact prevents Baeast from reshaping the world to its desire, followers of this god do the best they can to prevent civilization from rising to prominance over the wild wilderness. They live as wild as the creatures about them, seeking a balance between hunter and hunted.