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Portants of Kivsatra Seen in the Visionary Shield

Kivsatra lays on a table and is dressed in a brilliantly red robe. His eyes are closed as though he sleeps. Behind him there sit five cups of wine and in front of him there are five daggers stabbed into the table. Sitting on the floor, at his feet there are ghostly images of children who bear a likeness to Kivsatra and sitting among them is Malena, the concubine of Prince Adadsi. A crimson falcon lands on Kivsatra’s chest and with one claw scratches three marks in his bared chest. Moments later the falcon explodes in a puff of feathers. The daggers then rise up from the table and Kivsatra grabs one, the remaining four daggers fall to the ground. Kivsatra plunges the dagger he holds into his chest and then opens his eyes. He is gravely wounded, but alive.