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Letter from Bishop Parakesh to Priestess Inika

Faithful Tripoteri;

Greetings to you from your brothers in faith! I hope that my letters of ministry have consoled your flock and affirmed the good works which you perform in the City of Hana. I realize that your own expectations exceed mine and I have utmost confidence that you will continue to be showered with His blessings.

I have been called to urgent business at Castle Valorian to which I am required to attend, but I urge you to send a hand of Arden to Iedion Valamaer. When I arrived there I went to our temple there and discovered that Father Hadit Briushprita had gone missing only two days beforehand, having not returned from his morning herb collecting in the forest. Some in the village suspect an evil hand in his disappearance and I am inclined to agree, especially given the suspicions caused by the strange events I imparted in my last letter. You lauded the service of Ahnkor Harrinton and I agree that there is a light upon him. Send him to Iedion Valamaer so that he may illuminate the truth there. Have him contact the village weaver, Sadi. I hope that there will be good news for all of us in the next letter that I receive from you.

His Blessings Upon You

Bhp. Thanot