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Campaign Excerpt: The Defeat of Lashatha

The party was in the middle of combat against Lashatha and his fanatical cultist minions. Max maneuvered to assist in the fight against Lashatha, who employed a variety of spells, mostly bolstering himself and attacking Vorlance. Assasti and Sedaneej proved very effective in dealing with the cultists and were worthy assistance against Lashatha and his more powerful minions. Suday (Shade) repeatedly demonstrated his penchant for using opportunity to deal lethal blows to cultists, though he wasn't very effective against the more dangerous foes. Elaos bravely fought alongside the party and aided them even against Lashatha.
    Shortly after the last armored guard was felled Sedaneej finished some spell which cracked the alter and lifted an unseen magical burden from the party. However, moments later, Ahnkor was attacked from behind by the risen form of the guard which Lashatha had previously been feeding the eel-snake thing into. It struck Ahnkor a powerful blow who turned around to see the animated/possessed warrior holding one of the fallen guards' swords. Part of its body hung limp, as though the possessor were not in full control. Again were heard the slurred phrase issue from the man's body, "I told you.... I will kill all of you."
    While Ahnkor and Sedaneej battled the new foe, Wind briefly attempted to grapple with Lashatha, who eagerly welcomed the opportunity to get close to Wind. While they wrestled the lower jaw of Lashatha was broken away by a great black eel-snake thing that lunged out from his mouth and bit Wind, causing him to quit the grapple.
    In the end, the party's numbers overcame the dangerous foes and both Lashatha, his cultists, the guards, and the animated thing all lay dead or dying. Asassti was seen murdering one of the sleeping cultists and Ahnkor berated him. Asassti vehemently retaliated saying he understood the paladin's principles, but it was not his place to speak when Asassti's brethren were slain in kind by agents of this temple. All that opposed the party were slain and no prisoners were taken.
    Sedaneej was shown to the hidden temple chamber with the party, where he knelt and turned the inhabited pool of water into virulent poison. He asked us to send word of our victory to his temple while he and Asassti remained behind to cast a lengthy spell which would ensure that never again would the site be a suitable place of worship for Mok-Thuum.
    After some discussion it was decided that the voice of the risen/possessed warrior sounded eerily like that of either Ngotha (the tentacled priest we fought earlier that night) or Bashir (the longbow wielding guard we slew the first night we attacked the temple).
    Vorlance took a moment to search the fallen body of Lashatha and recovered some valuables.