Called the God of Life, Bane of Darkness, and the Bringer of Spring. Arden's portfolio includes spells whose aspects relate to charity, healing, well being, purity, prosperity, peace, mercy, compassion, protection, communication, understanding, minor divination, and safety.

Domains: Air, Community, Creation, Divination*, Good, Healing, Inquisition*, Knowledge, Mind*, Missionary, Protection, Summoning*, Sun
*This is a prestige domain.

The munificent god Arden (pronounced aR ‘Din) is perhaps the most widely worshiped of all Gods. Amongst the gods themselves, Arden is one of the most ancient, being as old as his antithesis Zhakrin or the mysterious god Shistar. Arden's priests travel among the peoples of the world, their healing talents and peaceful nature making them welcome in most anyplace. Arden is also a god proclaimed for the common good of the people. His actions are not violent or brilliant, but graceful and eloquent in how his will and actions are revealed through his disciples and priests.
     Arden's priests and followers strive for the betterment of the community in which they work, looking after people and attempting to educate people so that they may live a long and healthy life. His Paladins strive to improve and fortify the lands against pestilence and decay, remaining vigilant against the presence of undead or other powers tied to the Negative Material Plane. Both Priests and Paladins of Arden can be found wearing light colored clothing, often white with light blue, green, or yellow, or gray mantles, depending on which order the follower belongs to. Along with any garb they wear, a follower of Arden is rarely found without their holy symbol, a golden disk with the likeness of two hands offered outward with open palms embossed upon its surface.
     Arden actively acts against the works of evil gods such as Azhull, Hiteh, and frequently against Zhakrin, the god of Death.
Arden (Greater Deity)
Symbol: Two hands cradling a point of light (the "Gift of Grace"); a fountain emerging from a circle (the "Wellspring of Life"); a plain circlet of gold with a diamond suspended at its center (the "Eternal Circle").
Home Plane: Aelin, Realm of Eternal Peace.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Life and birthing, creation and beginnings, healing and well being, prosperity, peace, mercy, charity, compassion, grace, protection, communication, tolerance, understanding, sanctuary, shelter and safety.
Worshipers: Doctors and healers, white necromancers, monks and aesthetics, commoners, mediators and emissaries, teachers, pacifists and peace advocates.
Cleric Alignments: Chaotic Good, Lawful Good, Neutral
Domains: Air, Community, Creation, Divination*, Good, Healing, Inquisition*, Knowledge, Mind*, Missionary, Protection, Summoning*, Sun
*This is a prestige domain.
Favored Weapon: The mace and the quarterstaff.
Favored Colors: Blue or yellow on white.
Alternate Names: The God of Life, Bane of Despair, the Bringer of Spring, the Life Giver, Aden, Lord of Creation, Creator, Guardian of Peace.
    To dwarves, Arden is known as Anlaff, the "Good Breath" (Daernarthor); Orin, the "First Spark" (Silver); Huld, the "Shelterer" (Urdunan); and Nais, the "Gifter" (Thean). Urdain dwarves do not recognize Arden.
    To elves, Arden is known as Aden, the "Life" (Lerether); Vornamen, the "Eternal Font" (Galiadre); and as Meleli, the "Wind of Spring" (Tenerthor).
    Halflings of Kindertel know Arden as Miririri "He Who Rings in Good Fortune," while others call it Ahmem, the "Smiling God."

Priests of Arden
     There are several holy orders of priesthood for the god Arden. Each approaches the axioms of Arden from varying perspectives. Some of these perspectives are quite different from each other, to the point that while they may worship the same god, they do not approve of each others actions. Some aspects of his followers remains true through-out all branches of his faith.
     For instance, it is common for those who closely follow the ways of Arden, to live a significantly extended lifetime, ageing with extreme grace. It is also true that followers of Arden rarely become sick with illness and that warriors of him do not suffer from the debilitating physical effects of old age.
     Priests of Arden refrain from using weapons which pierce or open up the flesh of their enemies. This stems from the belief that the blood of life is sacred and should not be spilt on the ground, and also from the edict that it is better to beat an enemy into submission and repentance than inflict mortal injury. It is not uncommon for priests of Arden to show mercy to even the most vile of enemies which oppose them, though they will not hesitate to smite those who unrelentingly pursue evil, death, destruction, and violently oppose Arden's will.
     Priests of Arden favor slightly heavier armors than many other faiths as they believe in the sanctity of life and of protecting it. Armor as heavy as chain main is acceptable for a priest of Arden to don. However, to keep their priests from thinking themselves warriors, heavier armors are not allowed. Magical protection which stems from Arden is acceptable armor as well, though many priests of Arden do not oppose magical protection of any nature.
     Of the various orders there are several which merit examination above the others. These exemplary groups of worship include the Order of Light, paladins who do battle to remove the darkness from the world that preys upon destruction; the Century Lords, a sacred legion of paladins who travel the lands bettering the common peoples lot in life through the teaching of healing arts and service; The Tennon'Brier, a priesthood dedicated to the healing of any who ask their service without discrimination and the building of temples and sanctuaries which are open to all; and lastly the Holy Order of Life, priests who venerate all forms of life and shun the causing of death to any creature, but who embrace natural death and natural courses of events.
     All followers of Arden have the ability to turn undead. Paladins of Arden turn undead as priests of the same level and priests or paladins of 12th level may attempt to lay a specific undead creature to rest. To use this ability the high-level priest or paladin confronts the undead creature by laying a hand upon it and speaks a prayer to Arden while enacting his desire to lay the undead creature to rest. The priest or paladin makes his turning check as normal, but if successful the creature touched is turned to dust and forever lain to rest. Extremely powerful liches or other undead of tremendous resource may be so filled with evil that they can withstand the mortal touch of a paladin or priest of Arden's lay to rest power with or without a saving throw seen fit by the Dungeon Master. A paladin who takes this brave action of faith against such a powerful undead at great risk to himself will almost certainly not go unnoticed by the divine entities of good.